Though beautiful testaments to the neighborhood, church steeples, towers, finials and spires are often neglected due to the unique problems they pose for the average contractor. Repairing steeples and spires while the structure is still in good condition is quite important, especially considering the fact that most steeples are the highest point within their vicinity and are unprotected from the high winds generated by storms.

As a steeplejack company, our trained professionals are able to maintain, repair and restore your church steeple with the hands on approach that only a steeplejack could offer. In addition, the steeplejack services we provide allow us access to your church steeple without the high cost associated with modern techniques (cranes, scaffold).

These services include:

  • Steeple Painting
  • Steeple Repairs
  • Tuck point and stone / mason restoration
  • Steeple Roof (cedar, metal, asphalt and slate steeple)